Extreme flexible: Ideally for plastic containers

Solidly, robustly, reliable and long- lived: Thermoplastic plastics are unbelievably versatile.

Highest requirements at durability, chemical resistance, flexibility and application. No other material can reach this grade like thermoplastic plastics.

Steel rusts, plastics don´t.  While steel, wood, concrete and stone react sensitive on acid, bases and water, thermoplastics can`t be harmed by these aggressive substances.

For especially robust plastic containers and water reservoirs

And also dangerous chemicals like chlorine withstand it reliably, so that our products implement the strict requirement of the water conservation law (WHG).

A further advantage our products like plastic containers and water reservoirs is, they have a long service life: Thermoplastics remain functional minimum 25 years without becoming inflexibly or porous.

The thermoplastics – like the name reveal – can be formed and processed at high temperature at will. Thus the induvidual tailored produced plastic containers, pipelines  and plants are qualified for substances which are heat on 70°C.

Besides, thermoplaste can be perfectly welded, milled and work in many way. This allows us to move customer wishes one to one.

Examples of products