Much experience in the equipment construction and building of plastic container

In 1988 the mecanical engineer and soletrader Dr. Viktor Lind founded a specialized thermoplastic plastics with the location in Simmern (Hunsrück).

From the beginning, the plant, pipelines and manufacturing plastic – companie is expanding – in Germany. Because of this success the firm gets named  ”Lind Kunststofftechnik GmbH” in 2000.

The rapid growth has been accompanied by increasing space requirement. This led to a new business location, which is in the Von-Drais-Straße 4 since 2002.

In addition to the numerous orders from the domestic market, product inquiries from other European countries also followed. The References include successful installation and commissioning in Austria, Sweden, Finland and other European countries.

Adjacent to numerous errands from the inland expanded the errands from the forgein countries of Europe too. To the references are counted among successfully fittings and bringing into services in Austria, Sweden, Finland and many other European countries.

Concentrated competence

Your order will be quickly, technicaly adapt and cost saving executed.

Also the “Lind Kunststofftechnik GmbH” follows his social responsibility: As training place for metal workers, draftsmen and buisnessmen/women. They have been trained successfully and quality, also they got integrated into our company.

Building of plastic containers with superior materials

The specialization on superior superior materials, the experience of many years and the know- how of Dr. Viktor Lind and his team as well as the customer oriented solutions and products hold the company on the road of success.

See for yourselve of our achievements and products!

We are TÜV certified

Since 2002 we are TÜV Rhineland certified according to WHG §19. The review will be retrieved every 2 years. At the moment it is §62 WHG.

Examples of products